Hi, I’m Jared Strouse, a designer, web developer, and creative problem solver. Below is an overview of my business ventures, personal endeavors, and conceptual projects.

Jared Strouse

First, a bit about myself.

Over the past decade I’ve helped businesses of all types with their design, branding and marketing by combining high-end esthetics with winning strategies.

I also work with marketing companies building their digital presence and modernizing their brands in the marketplace. Recently, I’ve helped to rebrand two marketing companies and helped with the creation of a third from scratch. I’ve also assisted in the launch of two sales and marketing focused start-ups.

In addition to working with established business, I’m constantly looking for ways to engage and connect with people while finding creative solutions to challenging problems. Along the way I’ve created many personal ventures and concept projects that I'm constantly refining and evolving.

SpurAction is a sales enablement agency that combines sales tools and support with goal-oriented marketing plans to help you drive revenue and build lasting relationships. Ready to take Action? Contact me at Jared@SpurAction.com.

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Sales Tools
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Sales Training

I help business owners build brands that engage and connect with people as an extension of their personality, vision, and values.

By developing clear and consistent messaging, creating engaging visuals, and strategically aligning their marketing efforts, I help businesses reach goals faster, grow more efficiently and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Let’s have a conversation about your business, current challenges and vision for the future. To get started, contact me by sending an email to jared@jaredstrouse.com.

Featured Clients

Being an avid motorcyclist, mountain biker, trail runner and snowboarder, along with many other activities, I’ve found that an active lifestyle comes with a ton of gear. Finding a place for all this gear can be quite a challenge. Looking for a solution, I designed and developed a series of wall mounted Gear Racks that keep your essential gear organized and ready to go at a moments notice. For more information on Spurwheel Gear Racks contact me at Jared@Spurwheel.com.

Find great gifts fast and easy with GiverGrid, an online tool I developed to help viewers find gifts and gift inspiration based on the gift receivers interests and hobbies. Try GiverGrid for yourself here or contact me for more information.


Photography + Design

Photography and design has always been a passion of mine. Along with having a creative profession, I also lead a creative life always looking for new experiences to capture and share. Observations and Creations is an outlet for my Photography and Design projects. Contact me at Jared@JaredStrouse.com if you would like to learn more.

Some people just love dogs, often even more than humans. I created DogOwnerGifts.com as place for pup lovers to share their love of dogs with others with a unique landing page for many popular breeds along with creative dog themed gift ideas. Contact me for more information.

AndMain.com is a business concept that connects college students, mainly freshman with local businesses. This service provides value to students by providing them with access to local businesses that it could have taken them months or years to discover organically while providing an advertising platform that gets them directly in-front of their target audience. For information on andMain contact me at Jared@AndMain.com.

For many years I was a traditional “road” runner, eventually becoming bored and uninterested in the sport,I began craving more extreme activities that produced an adrenaline rush. After a mountain biking crash left me unable to ride, I decided to try navigating the technical, single-track trails on foot. I quickly found this to be fulfilling in many ways. With 52Trails.net I hope to bring share my love of trail running with others. For more information on this project contact me at jared@52Trails.net.

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